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Top Walmart Fundraisers Changing Kids’ Health in 2019   


 “Would you like to donate today to Kentucky Children’s Hospital?” 

In 2019these words helped eight Walmart and Sam’s Club stores become top fundraisers for the Children’s Miracle Network and Kentucky Children’s Hospital. They achieved this through year-round campaigns and strong employee efforts. 

Walmart Supercenter #719 in Richmond, KY raised $16, 301, earning their spot as the overall location and community champion.  

In Bowling Green, KY, Walmart Supercenter #299 improved its earnings by 128.89% in 2019.  

The top Sam’s Club location, #4876 in Bowling Green, KY, raised $5,571 for Kentucky’s kids. 

Walmart Supercenters #2638 in Ashland, KY, and #2628 in Lexington, KY, respectively raised $12,184 and $10,859. 

$9,530, $7,752, and $7,164 came from Supercenter locations #571 in Lexington, KY, #689 in Somerset, KY, and #711 in Glasgow, KY. 

These top performers worked tirelessly each day in 2019 to support Kentucky Children’s Hospital patients. Their efforts earned them recognition among their peers and a banner for in-store display. 

One hundred percent of dollars raised by these stores stays local. In 2019, these funds, in partnership with Dairy Queen fundraising, enabled the purchase of a pediatric transport vehicle to bring patients from across Kentucky to Lexington. This transport can carry two patients simultaneously in a state-of-the-art loading system. Also, Walmart and Sam’s Club funds helped purchase development equipment for the Medical Play Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

 A Children’s Miracle partner since 1987, Walmart and Sam’s Club have long been top fundraising partners, and 2019 proved no exception. On behalf of Kentucky’s children, the Children’s Miracle Network and Kentucky Children’s Hospital say thank you for changing kids’ health by asking every customer, every time. 

You can get involved too! Through July 19, donate at the Walmart or Sam’s Club registers and round up your purchase at your local Walmart OR when online shopping. These partners also accept donations year-round. Ask a store associate today how you can make a difference for Kentucky Children’s Hospital.