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NEW PARTNER ALERT: Ace Hardware Grand Opening in Nicholasville, KY!

This past weekend Ace Hardware celebrated opening a new store in Nicholasville, Kentucky! We were so grateful to attend this special event and celebrate this new opportunity with our wonderful partners at Ace Hardware.

Customers were given the opportunity to donate $5 for a 5-gallon bucket that they could fill and receive 20% off their purchase. In addition, there was a live chainsaw carving where the sculpture was auctioned off and proceeds were donated to Kentucky Children’s Hospital!

Ace Hardware and CMN Hospitals have a vision to Change Kids’ Health to Change
the Future. They recognize that local member children’s hospitals need donations to
help provide the best care for kids in your community. Shop at our local Ace locations and give so Kentucky Children’s Hospital can continue to ensure our children lead
healthy, fulfilling lives and foster the builders, crafters, and creators of tomorrow.